Official Marcy White


Born hustler !

Everyday I awake and seek for the enlightened path !


Marcy White is not just your average female rapper. In 2011, a shy, alto, soft-spoken, Pretty Girl stepped to the mic and unleashed a beast. No one in the Fort Pierce, Florida, Big Fish Ent. camp could believe it and “White White” was born!


Shortly after the camp dismantled, Marcy White became a member of the female rap trio, 3 Da Hardway. Stardom was the promise of the group’s career. To push things further, the group used their shine to indulge their passion for fashion and introduced, The White House Boutique! As their popularity grew, it wasn’t long before egos joined in and the group began to clash.


Marcy White left the girl trio and focused on her brand. Downsizing the brand to eyewear, Marcy White managed to maintain her fan base by keeping them doped with the sickest, newest, slickest sunglasses and clear-lens frames, using her famous trademark #prettygirlsrockprettyframes.


Missing the mic, Marcy White returned Valentine’s Day, 2017 with the sexy, sultry, hit single I Can Be Your Only, and a “hit” it was! Fans continue to share their renditions with her ’til this day! Rekindling her alter ego “White White”, Marcy White blessed fans with the hilarious followup, Babymama, and Woger Wabbit (feat. Badazz Becky). Proving to be an even bigger hit, in just thirteen days, Babymama had grasped over 1 million views and over 14 thousand shares.


Marcy continues knock down barriers effortlessly with her infectious smile, warm/charming personality, and man-blushing talent. Nearly everything she attempts, manifests prosperity—the very reason why brand expansion was very much necessary. As she evolves, so does her product line, business savvy, and her music.


What is Marcy White up to nowadays? More dope music, features, cameos, sold-out bookings, a new line of quality hair, mink lashes, and more sunglasses—all within her first solo year. But, you don’t have to take our word for it. Take a listen for yourself!